Mission Notes

Mission Notes February / March 2011

Garage Project

You know when you decide to clean out the garage or the basement and it seems like a good idea but as you get into the project you realize it is going to take more than just organizing?  And more than just a few hours? You'll need shelves if you are really going to clean up, some things will have to be hauled off ... That good idea just consumed your day or weekend.  It was still a good idea, it just involved more than you had originally thought or planned.

Over the years I have found the ideas, dreams, mandates or vision God gives us to be much the same ... in our mind we see a cleaned up garage or basement, the end product of our work.  So we start but then realize the amount of time and effort it will take to get to the end.  That is why we see so many unfinished projects in peoples lives.  Experience is sometimes a good teacher for the future.  Plus learning how to plan so we can take all of our good and God ideas and turn them into "End Products". Sometimes that is a good or great idea is just a seed and God wants us to grow it into something that becomes an important part of "The Church".  And we don't quit, we finish!!

That one seed of vision God put in Michelle's and my heart 30 years ago is still growing and involves more people, places, travel, money and and and then we had envisioned.  For some years this was almost overwhelming until we realized that God would continue to give us more to do, that is how He works.  But in His design for all of us was also the plan to disciple, delegate, entrust, empower, build, grow, train etc.  It is only by multiplying ourselves that we can ever finish with the "Garage Project" that God entrusts us with.  If we have the vision but don't understand the rest of His plans and patterns we can easily burn out and quit.  How many times have we seen this happen?

Our churches must be filled with vision, but also with these other parts of how God functions and wants us to function. Better to take the time and learn how to function than to be dysfunctional.  God wants everyone involved in His Garage Project and He has a way for this to be a reality.

Training Centers Europe

In the beginning of February I was in Athens, Greece again and Michelle was in Nice, France.  We were both teaching classes in RHEMA Bible Training Centers.  In March I was in The Netherlands ministering in a church and their church Bible School, Michelle went to Ulm, Germany to teach Prayer at the RBTC Campus and the end of the month I am in Bavaria ministering. Our network is growing and working.  Mountains in the area of Albania and Croatia

Training Centers Africa

In early April I will be in Nigeria teaching at RBTC Abuja, Nigeria, meeting the leadership, speaking to alumni and ministering in a local church.  I was going to go to RBTC Lusaka, Zambia on the same trip but decided to go there separately.  Plane connections in Africa aren't as smooth as many other parts of the world.


I am gone many Sunday's now and Alex Harten our associate has taken over much of the Pastoral duties.  The church is strong and growing, just where we wanted it to be.  I do minister some when I am home, but I also like to sit in the front row and listen.

Kilimanjaro - January 2012

In January 2012 we (Zack, Spencer and I) are going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.  For me this has been a long time desire.  Why you ask?  Not sure, just always wanted to do it. Wish I could have done it 30 years ago but I didn't so now will be a good time since both boys will be able to come along.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Now if you're saying, "I want to come along also", well, come along!  One of our RHEMA Germany graduates and Pastors did the climb about 4 years ago with some men from his church and he is organizing the trip.  This is not a technical climb, no ropes or anything like that it is just a 5 or 6 day hike to the top.  You will go thru every climate zone and finally reach 19,341 feet. Do some reading up on Kili so you have a good idea what it involves. The following paragraph is from Wikipedia.

Mountains in the area of Albania and Croatia

Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira, is an inactive stratovolcano in north-eastern Tanzania and the highest mountain in Africa at 5,895 metres or 19,341 ft above sea level (the Uhuru Peak/Kibo Peak).[3] Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain as well as the 4th most prominent mountain in the world, rising 5,882 metres or 19,298 ft from the base.

How much will it cost? We are working on that.  For now I would like to start an "I am interested list".  I would need your names and email address's.  Please put in the subject line "Kilimanjaro".  After we get the final info I will let all the interested know and turn the list into "I'm going to Kili" list. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro


Become a part of the Team that is reaching Europe, Africa and the Middle East. I will explain more about this in future Missions Notes. It is always good to be a part of something much bigger than yourself but where your part and contribution are still valuable and necessary. There is something for everyone and I will explain this more soon. One easy way to get started is to become a prayer and financial team member.


Spencer and Gabi will be going on a missions trip to Panama in July.  Primarily they will be on some small islands sharing the Good News with children and adults in a variety of ways.  Even though our kids have grown up on the mission field it is important for them to reach out in other areas of the world and experience different cultures. If you would like to help them "GO" on this trip you can donate through www.grunewald.org/invest  Anything is much appreciated.

Creation and Evolution

Spencer is also becoming quite the expert where Creation and Evolution is involved.  He has a presentation made that he can use in Youth groups etc.


The painting below is by Allan Bruce Zee titled "Waiting for the Believers".

This is much of the world, people with empty hearts waiting to be filled with God.  We have a message to take to this world ... and they are waiting.

I want to encourage you to check out www.grunewald.org  You can find out more about what we are doing, read current FB entries, find our itinerary and easily donate.


Have a great day,

John, Michelle, Zack, Spencer and Gabi
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Mission Notes September 2011

Hi from Germany,

2011 has been a good year. The church is strong, we are expanding RBTC Campuses in Europe and it is fun to be a part of it all.

Amsterdam #23
A few weekends back we were in Amsterdam hosting a RHEMA Day to talk about the opening of the new Campus in October.  Great group of people showed up, ready and excited for all that will be happening in their nation. They all believe that the Training Center starting will help greatly in reaching their nation.  We have done "Dutch Lunches" for many years building relationships with graduates and ministers in The Netherlands.  We have always met at Pfannkuchen (Pancake) restaurants. These are not traditional American Pancakes, you kind of build your own .... very good and we always look forward to meeting.  One minister at the RHEMA Day said, "It took a lot of pancakes to get to today".

You can see some pictures on my Facebook.

Amsterdam will be the 23rd Campus in Europe and the 10th nation.

There are many other areas we need to open Campuses. Besides all the places in Western Europe, Eastern Europe is in great need.  That is part of our focus for planning. Early next year we will be gathering a group of people from around Europe to discuss this phase.  With a great team you can build far more than you ever could yourself.  There are many more countries and language zones to cover so we must continue to build.  Exciting times. Pray with us in this direction.

The past few months involved a lot of travel in Europe, Africa and America. I have been in Athens, Greece, Abuja, Nigeria and Anchorage, Alaska ...  and a lot of places in between. Always teaching a Bible school course or ministering in a local church. I did get a few days in Alaska to experience the beauty and wilderness of this great state.  Spencer was with me and we really look forward to going again, both to minister and experience more of Alaska. I learned some things or saw some things ore clearly while there, maybe I will share those in future Missions Notes.

Also got in a quick trip to Colorado, never long enough it seems. I don't get to "Play" that often so I really enjoy it when I do.

Getting ready to take off on a long day of hiking

Spencer caught the first fish, nice Lake Trout

Quick 10K hike in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park before heading home. Bierstadt Lake. Michelle was back in Germany teaching already.

"Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen."
— Leonardo da Vinci

Spencer and Gabi were in Panama in July and absolutely loved their time there. They were on some islands off the east coast of Panama ministering to kids and families. They played games, did carnivals and invited everyone to meetings where they could share more of their faith.  The results were great, both in the lives of the Panamanians and all the kids who were a part of the trip. Spencer and Gabi are writing reports which I will include in the next Missions Notes.

Two of the things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go are happening close together.  Isn't that the way it works sometimes.  Always wanted to go to Alaska and experience the Alaskan Wilderness and climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  These are just personal desires but it is nice to do some of that every now and then.  Alaska was a great time of reflection for me.  Kili will be a trip where a group of us get to go challenge ourselves physically, enjoy some beautiful scenery and grow.  It is a Leadership Adventure and you can come if you would like.  Let me know, check out this site ..... come along! https://sites.google.com/site/kili2012jfg

I know this to be true and that it will indeed happen for all on the trek to the top of Africa. Disengaging in the daily life and pushing oneself to climb a mountain for several days will blossom into wonderful inspiration and insight. Worth it?? Depends on what we decide to carry in our "pack" and what we decide to jettison along the upward trail.  - Mark Lucks

Becoming a part of the Team
To become a part of the Team that is reaching Europe, Africa and the Middle East you can send donations to the USA address below or go to http://grunewald.org/invest  If you will commit to pray for us and these areas even 10 minutes a month please let us know.

We are stronger together,

John and Michelle

Mission Notes January 2011

Hi from Germany,

I get a lot of emails, many which are junk but I received this cute one the other day from crosswalk.com.


An old farmer went to the city one weekend and attended the big city church. He came home and his wife asked him how it was.

"Well," said the farmer, "It was good. They did something different, however. They sang praise choruses instead of hymns."

"Praise choruses," said his wife, "What are those?"

"Oh, they're okay. They're sort of like hymns, only different," said the farmer.

"Well, what's the difference?" asked the wife.

The farmer said, "Well, it's like this. If I were to say to you, 'Martha, the cows are in the corn,' well that would be a hymn. If on the other hand I was to say to you, 'Martha, Martha, Martha, Oh Martha, MARTHA, MARTHA, the cows, the big cows, the brown cows, the black cows, the white cows, the black and white cows, the COWS, COWS, COWS, are in the corn, are in the corn, are in the corn, are in the corn,' well, that would be a praise chorus."

2010/2011 (see attached letter for more on 2010)

The end of 2010 finished and 2011 started with me traveling.  In December I was in Athens teaching a 15 hour course on the Believers Authority and then to Geneva teaching the same course.  Both places are unique, lovely and the students were outstanding.  Both of these trips were a planes, trains and automobile experience.  Snow was causing problems for some airports.  It was 72 degrees F when I left the Athens airport and we had about 8" of snow when I got back into Bonn. In December we had the most snow we have seen in the 17+ years we have been here. Most of it has melted, we just have the remains of the largest snow pile.

In the first week of January I was off to Austria to teach 15 hours of Leadership.  Another great group of students and no travel problems this time.  In January I will also be in other parts of Germany ministering.

Then in February back to Athens for a few days then 2 weeks in USA.

More and more as we travel to take care of the growing aspect of of the Training Centers I am away from the church.  We knew this day would come and prepared for it.  Alexander, my associate, has taken on a lot of the responsibility for the church and done a great job.  He is married with 2 children, German, and has a very good understanding of the church. Even with me gone so much in 2010 the church continued to grow.

RHEMA Athens, Greece December 2010 RHEMA Geneva, Switzerland and Nice, France combined December 2010


Meeting George Bush November 2010

I attended a Teen Challenge Dinner Fund raiser in Milwaukee in November and got to meet President Bush. I have always wanted to meet a President, #43 was the first, who is next?

Perfect Plan, Imperfect People

Save, Establish, Train and Position

In Ephesian 4 after it talks about the Spiritual Leadership offices that God placed in the church, it goes on to say how SL's are to help other members of the body of Christ into position to do the work of the ministry. Being a leader isn't easy and being a follower isn't easy.  Why? Because leaders are imperfect and followers are imperfect. Spiritual growth and maturity are to help alleviate many of the problems in this process of leading and following.

Seems like so many people are searching for their position in life and the Body of Christ.  Seems like so much of what we do is about getting people into position. This is true for the individual, the local church, the Training Centers and new church plants. Our partners help keep us in a position to minister to all these groups of people. We say a very big "Thank You" to our partners and friends!!

Coming this Summer

What's coming this summer?  For us we will be in the States some, visiting churches and sharing the vision. If you would like us to come, let me know.

Spencer and Gabi will be going to Panama with their Aunt Lauren who works with Go International. This is a 10 day trip and will expose them to another part of the world where they can give out what is in them.  Germany isn't so much missions to them in the traditional sense since they have grown up here. I really wish I would have done some things like this when I was younger. But I din't even become a Christian until I was 17 so missions was not something in my vocabulary. 

If you would be interested in helping us with this mission trip for the kids you can donate thru our website or by the USA address below.  These trips always include many people coming to Christ so it is a double good investment.


When those around us overlook and forget things unintentionally, we need to overlook and forget some things intentionally.

Fear brings failure like faith brings success.

The farther you go with God, the less options there are.

I want to encourage you to check out www.grunewald.org.  You can find out more about what we are doing, read current FB entries, find our itinerary and easily donate.

I have also attached a letter we sent out in the beginning of January.  If you didn't receive a hard copy it is because we only have you in our email group. You can email me back with contact info or go to our website and sign up.  www.grunewald.org


Working together to reach the world,

John & Michelle

Missions Notes January 2010

Happy 2010,

We trust everyone had a great Christmas and New Year Holiday.  Family, food and fun always make a great combination and a recipe for an OMG! when you step on the scale after it’s all over.

It was cold here in Germany and we have kept the snow longer than most years. Fortunately we didn’t have to drive to much over the holidays so it wasn’t bad. Zack was home so the whole crew was here .. Nice!

We hope you have as much expectancy in your heart as we do for 2010. It seems like after so many years of plowing and planting that we are in for a season of harvest in every area. That’s exciting after over 16 years. It’s not that we haven’t seen fruit for our labor, we have, but this year will be a year of increase more than any other so far. Church growth, additional Training Centers with more students, reaching more leaders and formalizing the steps for the next 10 years.

The Next 10 Years

The next 10 years are crucial for the church in Europe.  With over 700 million people and only 4% or just over 28 million people who say they have received Christ as their savior, there is a lot of work yet to be done. What has been done so far is just the beginning and we trust more can be done in the next 10 years then in the previous 30. We have a goal of 100 Training Center locations in Greater Europe. This will take a while but we are on our way. The next phase will be a cooperative emphasis on church planting.  We aren’t there quite yet but the planning has begun.  It is time for all the experience from so many committed people to be pooled together for the benefit of the Kingdom of God. Often pioneers don’t play well together but if there ever was a time when we needed each other and the world needed our combined gifts, talents, wisdom and experience it is now.

Here’s what happened in December and January.

Church in Bonn, Germany

We have continued on with a theme centered around Foundational Truths. During December we touched on “The Living Word” and how to make the Word of God alive in us. This will require the process of meditating on the scriptures.  Revelation will come and the Word will come alive to us.

We had a special Christmas morning service and then we started off the year with Communion. Then we ministered on Prayer and a Friday night service titled “I will not fear!”.  Remember these are all available for download at http://rhema-germany.de/predigten.0.html?&L=1

Training Centers

December was a quiet month for the Training Centers. But everything started up in January ready for a new year.  We are opening a new location in Köln (Cologne) which is only 35 miles north of Bonn. Cologne has over 1 million people and we will hold classes at one of our graduates churches.

Whether in established works in Germany, Italy, Romania, France, Ukraine or Quebec things are moving in great ways.

Opening Soon!

Part of our extended Europe Team are Matt and Julie Beemer. They have been building teams and will be starting RHEMA UK+, RHEMA Nigeria and RHEMA Egypt this year. These are all huge endeavors and they have put a tremendous amount of time and resources into these projects which will affect many lives and change nations.  It is great to work together and they are just a part of this great team.


I still believe we can change the world!  Do you want to do it with us?  God is on our side and the greater the partnership in this, the greater and possibly quicker the results.  We are better together and we can build better together.

I didn’t grow up in church and then only spent a few years in what might be called a traditional church.  We believe in changing the world, not promoting tradition.  That doesn’t mean all tradition is bad, it just doesn’t make sense to practice and promote worthless traditions.  We are however passionate about our purpose, mission and calling.  We believe in Building the Church by saving, establishing, training and positioning people. God has some things He wants accomplished and He needs believing partners. Partners who believe that working with God they can change the world.

We are redoing the Grunewald Ministries (http://www.Grunewald.org) website.  It has been idle for way to long. We will let you know when it is up and we would like your comments.


“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

“The Gospel is only good news if it reaches the lost in time.”

“Christ alone can save the world, but Christ cannot save the world alone”  David Livingstone

“At every breath we draw, four people perish who never heard of Christ”

“Let us pray that we never lose the vision of what it means for a soul to be lost”


Remember to find us on Facebook. All of us have a page and you can now become a fan of Grunewald Ministries.  This will be another way to find Missions Notes plus a lot more.


Gabi, Michelle, John, Zack, Spencer  Right by one of the entrance gates to Ahrweiler, Germany

Ahrweiler is about 20 minutes from our house and is an old walled city.


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