Mission Notes

Mission Notes January 2015

Pictures from the Alumni meeting before Graduation, Graduation and of the German Campus Instructors.


We trust you are doing well in this new year. Time passes so quickly it seems, and we do not see family, friends, partners and acquaintances as often as we would like or should. Hoping we get to see you somewhere along the way in 2015.

When I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin I always wondered why so many people (older) liked to go to Florida in the winter. I loved the winters as much as summer, spring and fall. Now that I am, um, not as young, I see the allure to places like Florida in the winter. Since we travel so often we managed to stay in summer and fall a few different times this past year. But, that doesn’t work forever and Germany is either cool or cold right now, as are many other places. God doesn’t give callings based on the weather, food preferences, geography or language. So no matter the time, the place or the season, we get to exercise good judgment and keep the switch of faith turned on and remember verses like:

24 This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. — Psalm 118:24 (NKJV)

This is our choice every day and what a difference it can make. Let’s choose joy!

As partners of Grunewald Ministries you are helping to BUILD the church in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Here are just a few building glimpses.

In December we had graduation in Germany, our home base. Normally we hold graduations in May, but we had a group of students who had completed their courses and training. Graduations are always a great time. Pastor Mauro Gergenti from Italy was our speaker this time and what a great job he did. He is warm and friendly and always has a great message. Everyone loved him.

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Mission Notes February 2014


Greetings from the air. I should write more but it often gets left to last. The airplane doesn't allow for a lot of activity, so writing is always a possibility.

This year has been so full that I won’t attempt to bring it all to you. Lots of travel, lots of teaching and ministry time and such a fruitful time in Europe, Africa and Asia. Asia is not a normal place for us to go but we did find good reasons for two trips there in the past ten months. The Middle East is growing in interest and some of our team have been making more trips into that area. We will have more to say about this area soon.

Building the Church
God has called all of us to make a difference. We believe one person can make a difference. We also believe when we partner together we can build better and stronger and in the process make a significant difference. We assume you believe the same. When a job or vision is too big for one person, it only makes sense to partner with others and build teams, achieving what we never could by ourselves.

I need to say something about the partnership and the great teams we work with. They are selfless and talented, working towards a common goal, great friends and what wonderful things they have done for the Kingdom of God! Everything we are a part of is only because of the teams of people that make it possible. Together we have 31 Campus locations in Europe and over 20 in Africa. Every month when all Campuses are in session there are close to 2000 students attending class. God has truly blessed us with people like you all over the world.

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Mission Notes January 2014


2013 was certainly a year of traveling again for us. 4 continents, some more than once, 16 countries, lots of Bible School teaching, Pastors meetings, church services, planning and more. Of course our favorite part was when we got to see you.

Towards the end of the year I took part in a Men's Ministry Summit in Berlin and then right after that a Training for Church Planting in Munich. One of the messages in both was "replication". This is something we spend a lot of time on in our leadership teaching/training. If we don't replicate then there is no real discipleship taking place nor will there be a true succession plan. The business world certainly understands this. Who are we discipling so the Great Commission continues? Who are we training to take our place in our job, our dept. etc? Who are we trusting? The truth is, many people can step up and do a great job if only given the chance. And when we allow this to happen we all grow stronger. This has always been God's plan!

Zack, Spencer, John, Michelle and Gabi

We started late with having kids. Actually Michelle had all 3 but I was there with her. Anyhow, Zack came along after we had been married 7 years, then a 9 year gap with Spencer and shortly after Spencer came Gabi. People that have been married over 33 years usually don't have 16 year old children. No complaints on our part and Michelle and I both needed time to become better parents so it has worked well. Zack lives in Tulsa, Spencer is just getting ready to leave for Australia for a year and Gabi will be the "only child" for awhile. It's a good season of life for everyone.

Last year was a very good year. A lot was accomplished, many lives were touched and changed. But it was also a year of reflection and how we want to go forward. We realized we were at a point where we had to take some steps for the future. Some simple but costly things like expanding our US office. Taking some bigger steps on some of the projects we have going.

So what's up for 2014? At the risk of sounding boring, more of the same. But if building, growth, staying on course, continuing a work and fulfilling a vision is boring than we are very boring. 20 years ago when we first moved to Germany our focus was Bible School. While we still do a lot of Bible School it isn't the only thing we do. Over the years we could easily see that most students needed more training in discipleship, leadership, practical ministry, people skills etc. All the skills necessary to become a good spiritual leader. So we have offered more training in these areas outside of Bible School making it available to anyone. Many pastors take advantage of our leadership training which includes organizational help.

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Mission Notes May 2013

Hi from Germany,

One of our main stomping grounds is Europe. It is a place that has been on our hearts for over 30 years now. We have lived here for almost 20 years and during this time we have had the privilege of working with such a great team of people who have poured their lives into this continent. With over 730 million people residing in Europe the need is great and we must continue to expand the team and the work to reach more people through Evangelism, Church Planting, RHEMA Bible Training Centers, Leadership/Discipleship Training and books.

The past few months we have traveled in Europe, USA and Australia ministering in churches, bible schools, seminars and lunches. If you pray or partner in any way you were a part of each and every person who was ministered to along the way.

Enjoy a few pictures and see you at the bottom.

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