Hi from Germany,

Life is Interesting

Life is interesting, in many respects really. When you think back over your life so far, did you envision it all going the way it did? I sure didn’t. All I knew about my future work life when I was about 12 was that I didn’t want a boring job. That has worked out better than expected. I certainly never saw myself/ourselves living overseas for the past 22 years. How would I describe these past 22 years? Overall, great! Like anything in life, it would be easy to complain about some aspects but it would all be minor in light of why we came and what we are still doing. Our lives have been challenged and enriched by all the people we know today. Didn’t know what to expect family-wise but I got far better than I imagined. Michelle and I somehow ended up with 3 kids who are smarter, more talented, and wiser than we were at their age. All of this makes us look forward to the next 20+ years. Thanks to so many of you who have been a part of our lives.

Norway in May

This May we are hosting the first RHEMA Europe Faith Conference in Oslo, Norway. Every year previous we have thought about a conference like this, it just didn’t seem right, so we waited. This time around it seemed right and Oslo is the place. This could seem like an odd choice but there are reasons why this was the best choice this year. After all these years we are going to use the conference to introduce RHEMA and RHEMA Europe to the continent of Europe. We believe that what we have to offer this continent is important for the spiritual well-being of over 700 million people. All services will be broadcast live over www.rhemaeurope.tv  This is certainly an opportunity we have not had before.

You are welcome to attend. http://rhema.no/faith-conference/faith-conference-english/

Michelle's Travels

Michelle has been busy teaching in the schools all over. Lately she has been in Zurich, Switzerland 2x’s, Geneva, Switzerland, Ulm and Munich, Germany and Sarpsborg, Norway. She also ministered at the church in Bonn. Seems like I am missing something but who would know right?

Getting ready to “train it" to Ulm, Germany

Sarah and Michelle in Brussels eating a real Belgian waffle

John's Travels

I have just been relaxing on the beach in Hawaii. In my dreams. In reality I have been in Germany and not so much intra-European travel the past few months. I had a short trip to Tulsa for some meetings, then to Colorado and California quickly, and then back to Germany.  

New Office

We moved our offices in Germany recently to some space about 4 - 5 times what we had. This has been a needed move for our team and will help in many ways.

Some Kid's News

Kids are all doing well. For those of you who are not on Facebook, Sarah is Spencer’s fiancé. They met at RHEMA in Brisbane, Australia last year. She just spent 2 months with us in Germany, and both she and Spencer are working on all the paperwork necessary for her to move to the US.

Gabi will be going on a missions trip to Honduras this July with the Justice Tour. Originally it was supposed to be Cambodia and Thailand but a change had to be made. She has raised most of her money, but if anyone would like to contribute towards this ministry trip you can just designate “Honduras trip”.

New GM Website

Check out the new GM website at www.grunewald.org

Amazon and Non Profits- Amazon Smile

I know a lot of you buy on Amazon.com. They have a nice way to help non-profits at no expense to the buyer. So please read the paragraph below and see how their program works.  

Here is an easy way for you to help missions and Grunewald Ministries. Amazon has a program called Amazon Smile. It allows you to pick a registered non-profit organization and 0.5% of the purchase price of many products will be donated to that organization. Go to http://smile.amazon.com/about to see more about the program then go to your Amazon account. I have used it for a little while and when I go to Amazon it asks me if I want to go through Amazon Smile since I have checked that I want to support Grunewald Ministries … so very easy.  You don’t have to change your account or anything. Then every quarter they mail out a donation. 

So if you spend say, $1,000,000 on Amazon (Amazon Smile) during a quarter and had Grunewald Ministries chosen as your non profit, Amazon would then send $5000 donation. That sounds like a great deal doesn’t it?

Grunewald Ministries is a great place to plant seed. You can also go to http://grunewald.org/index.php/get-involved or the address below and just donate the $5000. Either is ok really.

I will leave you with these few thoughts today:

  • As long as you are going to think, think big!
  • The Spirit of Faith will make you leave your comfort zone.
  • It takes faith to go where God wants you to go, and it takes faith to stay where He wants you to stay.
  • Working together works!
  • The Gospel is only “Good News” if it reaches the lost in time.

Have a great day,



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