Hi from Tulsa!

Trust you had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a special new year.

 How was 2015 for a fast year? It was difficult keeping track of which month it was sometimes. Maybe that had something to do with all the airplanes, hotels, cities and countries we visited. It has been a productive year and we are very thankful.


Where are we now?

We are spending Christmas and New Years in the US with the kids this year.  We were in England over Thanksgiving and had a great time with old and new friends.  

Missionary work has sure changed since air travel made it easier to get around. A few years back talking to some older missionaries from Africa, they said it was a long boat trip from Africa back to Europe. Obviously they didn’t do that too often. Today, we don’t have to be as separated from family and friends for such long periods and can be in several places during a year. 



Spencer and Sarah’s wedding had to be postponed due to her fiancé visa not being completed yet. It is a busy time for Immigrations offices and their paperwork probably just sat in a stack waiting to be processed. Now it is close, and Sarah is back in Australia taking care of the final parts to this long process.  No exact date yet, but it looks like late February 2016. We turned the October wedding date into an engagement party and had a great time.

Sarah and Spencer on their way into the Engagement Party

 David and Amber Gibbons, Sarah McAllan, Spencer and George Bush behind the Australian flag


Where have we been?

The past few months have been full of travel in Europe and some in Africa, ministering in churches, teaching classes, working with leadership teams and Director’s meetings.

 Europe Director's Meeting - Germany


Set for the last day of Africa Director's Meeting - Zambia


After our last session we went on a 2 hour game drive! Obviously in Zambia... not Germany


Where to Next?

To find out where we are or will be next, click on this link.


How is our Move to London Progressing?

We are at the visa stage. How long will this take? Good question, we will just keep you updated. Some of our new team is already in the London area looking for housing and getting settled. As we relayed in the September Mission’s Notes, our best estimate for all the moving, office set-up including space and equipment, legal work … will be over $125,000. We would love to have you be a part of this if you aren’t already. Whenever faith seeds are planted in faith-filled ground- the results and rewards will always be great! 

Over the past 30 years or so everything we have been involved in has grown and the Kingdom of God has expanded. We believe this move is part of the most fruitful season of our lives and the lives of our partners. We are excited to see it all unfold.  Thank you so much for being a part of our lives and this journey of changing countless lives. Building the church together is a great privilege and we look forward to many more years of fruitful service.

Please pray for us as we move forward. There are always a few surprises along the way and some wrinkles to iron out. Later in 2016 we will have a good report about God’s faithfulness in this move and the set-up in the London area.

Here is a quick link for online giving: http://grunewald.org/index.php/get-involved/how-to-give 


The Continuing Value of Your Partnership

Partnership - joining forces to achieve a common goal. Who does your Partnership touch? Many people, in many places, especially in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

And what are the common goals?  They include:
- Planting Churches,
- Planting more Training Centers that train students who will go into their communities and churches
- Printing Books
- Training Leaders
- Supporting Leaders.

We have spent years developing partnerships in other countries so we can work together for greater impact than we could have on our own. This makes your investment go even further in Building the Church.


Thanks again and we look forward to a great 2016. Let’s believe together that 2016 will be the most productive year so far for the Kingdom of God on the earth and for you!


John & Michelle Grunewald


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