Hi from Germany,

One of our main stomping grounds is Europe. It is a place that has been on our hearts for over 30 years now. We have lived here for almost 20 years and during this time we have had the privilege of working with such a great team of people who have poured their lives into this continent. With over 730 million people residing in Europe the need is great and we must continue to expand the team and the work to reach more people through Evangelism, Church Planting, RHEMA Bible Training Centers, Leadership/Discipleship Training and books.

The past few months we have traveled in Europe, USA and Australia ministering in churches, bible schools, seminars and lunches. If you pray or partner in any way you were a part of each and every person who was ministered to along the way.

Enjoy a few pictures and see you at the bottom.


Gabi and Michelle in Nice, France. Michelle was teaching at RBTC Nice and then John and Laura Madan's church in Nice.

Teaching a great group of student in southern Germany

Pastors and Alumni Meeting in Athens (Here are some of our Albanian minister friends)

We traveled to Australia to minister at RHEMA Australia where Tony and Patsy Cameneti Pastor RHEMA Family Church and Direct RHEMA Australia. We spoke to Pastors, RBTC class, church services and individuals. We enjoyed the time immensely with the Cameneti's, and all the people we met through RFC, RBTC, Pastors meetings etc.

This was a family trip also. We have been saving frequent flyer miles for years and we used a chunk of them on this trip. Michelle and I had a few days off towards the end of our time in Australia and the kids got out and about to some fun places while we were teaching.

Checking some notes before speaking to Pastors - Australia

RHEMA Family Church - Brisbane

RBTC Brisbane

Quick Camel ride - Australia. Camels weren't quick but the ride was.

Zack, Spencer, Michelle and I on a short walk in the Rain Forrest - Australia

We flew Los Angeles - Brisbane - Los Angeles so on the drive back to Tulsa we did a quick stop at the Grand Canyon. We had stopped by a couple of years ago but it was windy and cold. It was the exact repeat weather wise from the last stop.

Zack, Michelle, Gabi and Spencer - South rim of Grand Canyon - USA on way back to Tulsa. Cold and getting ready to hail on us.

We had a Dutch RHEMA Day Lunch and this was a picture in the restaurant. The Dutch are the original Cheese heads.

Coming up

In May and June we do a lot of ministry in Europe. We will be in Germany, Switzerland, Sicily and Norway.

The Greater Europe Book Project is progressing. If you want to reach many people this is a good project. We will have a video available soon that gives more insight into this project.

Requesting a Favor

We want to ask a favor. If you have never given/invested in Grunewald Ministries we ask that you do. We would like you to join the Team that is making a difference in the lives of thousands. There are 3 primary ways you can give/invest.

1. Pray - Pray for Europe, Africa and the Middle East as far as development of God's Plan and our part in His Plan. For all the divine connections needed with human, physical and financial resources.

2. Finances - Good ground will produce a good harvest. We are purposeful in all we do, committed to never wasting money.

3. Your time and talents - is there some way we can incorporate your time, talents, gift or faithfulness? Let us know what you can offer and we will try to find a way.

For easy giving through Paypal go to this link http://grunewald.org/invest or you can use the US address below.

Thanks and we would love to see you along the way.

John & Michelle

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