2013 was certainly a year of traveling again for us. 4 continents, some more than once, 16 countries, lots of Bible School teaching, Pastors meetings, church services, planning and more. Of course our favorite part was when we got to see you.

Towards the end of the year I took part in a Men's Ministry Summit in Berlin and then right after that a Training for Church Planting in Munich. One of the messages in both was "replication". This is something we spend a lot of time on in our leadership teaching/training. If we don't replicate then there is no real discipleship taking place nor will there be a true succession plan. The business world certainly understands this. Who are we discipling so the Great Commission continues? Who are we training to take our place in our job, our dept. etc? Who are we trusting? The truth is, many people can step up and do a great job if only given the chance. And when we allow this to happen we all grow stronger. This has always been God's plan!

Zack, Spencer, John, Michelle and Gabi

We started late with having kids. Actually Michelle had all 3 but I was there with her. Anyhow, Zack came along after we had been married 7 years, then a 9 year gap with Spencer and shortly after Spencer came Gabi. People that have been married over 33 years usually don't have 16 year old children. No complaints on our part and Michelle and I both needed time to become better parents so it has worked well. Zack lives in Tulsa, Spencer is just getting ready to leave for Australia for a year and Gabi will be the "only child" for awhile. It's a good season of life for everyone.

Last year was a very good year. A lot was accomplished, many lives were touched and changed. But it was also a year of reflection and how we want to go forward. We realized we were at a point where we had to take some steps for the future. Some simple but costly things like expanding our US office. Taking some bigger steps on some of the projects we have going.

So what's up for 2014? At the risk of sounding boring, more of the same. But if building, growth, staying on course, continuing a work and fulfilling a vision is boring than we are very boring. 20 years ago when we first moved to Germany our focus was Bible School. While we still do a lot of Bible School it isn't the only thing we do. Over the years we could easily see that most students needed more training in discipleship, leadership, practical ministry, people skills etc. All the skills necessary to become a good spiritual leader. So we have offered more training in these areas outside of Bible School making it available to anyone. Many pastors take advantage of our leadership training which includes organizational help.

One thing we always held to was that without more local churches this life changing message we have would not be spread as it should. So we knew that one day we would spend much more time in the area of Church Planting. For us this means working with pastors, young and old, who have a desire to see more churches planted. We like the phrase, "Churches Planting Churches". We may never plant or pioneer another church personally but we want to take all we have learned and pass it along to others to help see many more churches planted in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Together with a great team of like minded people we are doing just that.

Everything we do; Bible School, Leadership Training, Church Planting all work together to BUILD the Church.

18 And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. — Matthew 16:18

Will you join us for the next 20 as we build the church?

We can look back on 20 years of missions work satisfied with where we are but not content to leave it this way. The next 20 will be more fruitful than these past 20 as we go forward together. As always, we invite you to be a part if you aren't already. Any seed or investment will reap an eternal harvest. Will you join us for the next 20 as we continue to build the church? It will make us all stronger.

http://grunewald.org/invest or to the US address below. If you would like bank information for wire transfer or another way to give please let us know.

Thanks for helping us change the world,

John & Michelle Grunewald

We have a Savior that gave his life for us, can we do any less than live for Him?

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Church Planting Training - Munich

Leadership training - Bonn

Neuschwanstein Castle - Southern Germany

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