Most trips we take to minister do not come close to paying for themselves, therefore “Missions Trip”. It is nice when it happens but it is rare. We are listing trip and event costs in case you can help. These are very purposeful trips usually packed with travel, ministry and personal conversations with leaders.

Ukraine - October 2017
Biblical Leadership Training
Total cost - $1500.00  PAID IN FULL

Norway - October/November 2017
Norway Team Training
Total cost - $900.00

Albania - November 2017
Pastors Round Table
RBTC Class
Total Cost $1300.00

Thailand - March 2018
Gabi Grunewald is a second year student at RBTC USA and has always had a heart for missions. She'll be going with a team from her school to work with Rhema Thailand in any way they need.
Total Cost $3800.00