I believe God wants us to influence history.

I think we should dream big, and then go after these dreams. The privilege to dream big comes from our relationship with God, the creator of the heavens and the earth, not from our own greatness, intellect or just natural abilities.

If we dream of things we can do ourselves then we are dreaming to small. Our dreams must be inclusive and understand it will take many to make any dream come true.

God wants us to make disciples of all nations; this is no small task so there must be a plan.

Whenever we commit to do what seems impossible it touches the heart of God and He always has a way.

Vision can be lofty and ambiguous so planning must always accompany a vision. The Plan becomes the legs whereby the vision is fulfilled. God works in both the Vision and the Planning. Planning can be broken down further into Projects.

What follows is our Vision broken down into projects, measurable parts of the vision, separated for the purpose of including others based on desires and abilities, and evaluating the progress of the vision and financial accounting. But each project is connected to the others and only when all are complete will the vision truly be fulfilled.

What is our vision?

Taking the Gospel and the simple message of faith in God to every corner of the earth and then making disciples of every willing person.

Every vision should affect men, women and children. There must be the elements of becoming better fathers, mothers and children because of this new life in Christ. Without these our world doesn’t change for the better.

Thanks for your participation in which ever way you choose.

—John F. Grunewald