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It is said, that even the greatest journey begins with a single step.

We are many steps into this journey, and we have passed through many challenges on our way, but the greatest stories, the greatest challenges, the greatest rewards, are still to come.In 2016 we expanded our offices from Bonn, Germany to include an office in London. The London office will facilitate the majority of responsibilities of oversight in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

This is a time of growth and opportunity for us; our children are grown and are out of the house, taking on their own journeys. Our personal lives are flourishing greatly now, but our lives as ministers are facing radical new opportunities as well.

This is very much a time of acceleration, a time where we are truly beginning to see some major developments emerge out of the background of friendships and strategic partnerships of the last few decades.  It is a time to do what we have always been doing, but with the ability to take it to a greater height than ever before possible.

In the Book of Acts on the day of Pentecost they said “this is that, which was spoken by the prophet Joel.”  Well this is simply more of that!  Perhaps in a slightly different form, but still signs of the last days, the end of an age.

This is the time for preparing leaders for the local church, multiplying the effect of every seed of teaching and training sown to a point impossible to predict in how far it affects the world. 

We count ourselves among the builders and trainers of people that will build training centers and churches.

Our goal is to see hundreds of bible school locations established in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and we are well on the way to achieving it.

That is not the end however, training centers have a number of purposes but in the end we must plant more local churches, and that will be the biggest part of the future.

Planting churches means we need more laborers, this means our future is decidedly focused towards coaching, teaching, training and mentoring future church and market place leaders.

When Google first started operating on the early forms of the internet, as soon as they began operations they found they were suddenly dealing with a massive amount of currency being exchanged through their servers generating huge revenues. They could not understand where so much money would be coming from, not seeing enough large-scale mergers in the world to account for it. They soon realized it was not the efforts of a few giant enterprises, but the inevitable affect of millions of micro transactions. Ordinary users all over the world doing everyday things were affecting the world in a huge way.

That is how the church truly achieves its effect, by the individual efforts of the millions and millions of its members.  
By truly changing the one student, they are able to effect true change.  The result is a world that by any prediction would seem impossible.

Build that world with us, and find out what is off the edges of the map.

Remember, impossible is just an opinion.

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