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You may wonder, even after hearing about the story of how a life is being lived, what living in that story is really like.  If there is one thing we as people are always curious about it is the day-to-day habits of those who occupy a wholly other place than ourselves. 

Our habits might not seem so strange compared to yours when you think about them.  We still have to eat, drive, sleep, and pay our bills like anyone else you might know.

Both of us grew up in the states and moved to Germany in 1993.  Those intervening years have served to let us feel at home in either place.  Like your two favorite pairs of shoes, they fit great, but they do fit differently. 

The situation is a bit different for the kids, Zack lived a few years in the states as a child and then came back to the states in 2006 to university - where he currently lives, so he is accustomed to both but each place has had impact at different stages of his life.  Spencer and Gabi have been raised completely in Europe (in Spencer’s case, born in a German hospital) but have traveled back every summer, and sometimes an extra trip, making their impression of the states decidedly on the “sunny, warm, and always time for pool” side.

Spencer attended Rhema Australia in 2014 and married a wonderful Aussie girl (Sarah) in 2016. and graduated. He and his wife currently lives in the states.

Gabi graduated Rhema USA in 2018 and met a young man (Chris). They got married in September 2018 and are living in Texas, on staff at a great church there.

We turned over the church to a national Pastor Alex Harten in 2012.  In 2017 we moved to London, England to open offices for the areas we oversee for Rhema. Currently we are the International Directors for Rhema and oversee Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

We can only do what we do because of the great team involved in the entire endeavor, the strength of that team has been profoundly evident in the last few years as the demand for us to be traveling abroad has meant necessary absence from local duties at times.  The church has flourished in this due to the excellent abilities of those entrusted with its care.

Life is busy, but it is good.  We love our family, our work, and people God has connected us to and entrusted us with.  There is no greater cause for us than fulfilling the plan of God for our lives, and serving in whatever capacity that demands. 

There is still a lot left to do, check out our future for a glimpse of where our lives are going.

We hope you’ll join us there.


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