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John and Michelle Grunewald

John and Michelle Grunewald have ministered in churches, bible schools and seminars in America, Europe and Africa with an emphasis on authority of the believer, faith, prayer, leadership, and finding and fulfilling your purpose in the earth for the kingdom of God.

They have a passion for building the church and everything that building encompasses. Getting people saved, establishing them in the truth of God’s Word, training them in the truth and practical application of spreading the Gospel, and then positioning them to bear fruit in the kingdom of God.

They currently reside in London, England and serve as the International Directors of RHEMA Europe, Middle East and Africa, RHEMA Germany and RHEMA Norway. They are also the founding Pastors of RHEMA Bible Church Bonn, Germany. They have three children, Zack, Spencer and Gabrielle.


John Grunewald (Bio #1)

With over twenty years in full-time ministry across an international spectrum of environments, John brings valuable and practically proven experience to his ministry. With an emphasis on the authority of the believer, establishment of Godly character, and clear principles of practical leadership and ministry, John aims to build fruitful leaders throughout the body of Christ.

John and his wife Michelle currently live in London, England. He is International Director of Rhema Europe, Middle East and Africa and Director of Germany and Norway. They are also the founding pastors of Rhema Bible Church in Bonn.

John Grunewald (Bio #2)

John has been serving the Body of Christ for many years in various capacities. From Youth Ministry, Bible Studies, Church work, staff positions at two internationally known ministries to pastoring in America and Germany. John and his wife, Michelle, pastored in Terre Haute, Indiana before moving to Germany. Since 1993 John and his family have concentrated their efforts in Europe, starting a Bible School in Heidelberg, Germany and then in 1999 moving to Bonn, Germany where RHEMA Bible Training Center and RHEMA Bible Church were pioneered. John is the founding pastor of RHEMA Bible Church Bonn, Germany and International Director of RHEMA Europe, Middle East, and Africa and an Instructor at RHEMA Bible Training Centers all over the world.

A 1980 graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, John studied business at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado and was a licensed real estate agent in Colorado and Oklahoma.

John and his wife Michelle, reside in London, England and are the parents of three children.


Michelle Grunewald (Bio #1)

Michelle has ministered throughout the United States and Europe for over twenty years. She brings a deeply personal but entirely Word focused perspective to her ministry, with focus on the understanding of our redemption, the necessity of effectual prayer, and the importance of being a fruit-bearing member of the body of Christ.

Michelle lives with her husband John in London, England. Together with John they oversee Rhema Europe, Middle East and Africa and Rhema Bible Training Center in Germany. They also are the founding pastors Rhema Bible Church in Bonn, Germany.

Michelle Grunewald (Bio #2)

Michelle is known for her excellent teaching on Prayer and work with children. She is a 1980 graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma and has volunteered and worked in ministry in many different capacities. Michelle has faithfully worked and served alongside her husband John, for more than 20 years. Currently she is an instructor at RHEMA Bible Training Center’s in Europe, and travels and ministers in various churches and events internationally. Together with her husband John they oversee Rhema Europe, Middle East and Africa and Rhema Bible Training Center in Germany.

Michelle and her husband John, reside in London, England and are the parents of three children.

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