April 2023 Update

Some highlights this year so far:

The first couple of months of the year were plenty busy for us, as it included travel overseas and meetings with a large group of the leaders we work with. Below are some other highlights we’re excited about.

2 new campus approvals!

In February, RBTC Beirut, Lebanon was approved. Though there is still a lot of work to be done before the school opens, we are celebrating with our teams in this region as this is a huge step for the Middle East.

In March, RHEMA Nigeria’s 9th campus approval came through. Nigeria currently has 2000+ graduates and 6000+ current students. The growth is exponential. You can see first-hand what they’re up to by visiting their facebook page.


  • A student in the RBTC Alexandria (Egypt) campus travels 20 hours, round-trip for classes. When asked why, she stated that this message is so valuable, and she would travel weeks to hear it. If more of her friends knew this message, Egypt would change! Her dedication is an inspiration to other students in her class.
  • One of RHEMA Zambia’s second-year students has been appointed as judge of the High Court of Zambia, subject to ratification by the National Assembly.
  • The Bible Schools in Europe, Africa & the Middle East are gearing up to hold several graduations. There are about to be a lot more trained ministers of the Word going out!

Welcoming a new member to the Grunewald Ministries Team

In March, Gabi & her husband Chis welcomed their son Jadon John Delay. We were able to be there for the birth and have been in Texas for a week to spend some time with our new grandchild. We are delighted! Gabi and her little family are doing very well.

Together, we are accomplishing more than ever and doing it smarter than ever. We work with wonderful teams and leaders all over the world and we are so thankful for your part in all of this.

Extending Your Reach,

John, Michelle & the Grunewald Ministries Team

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