About the Colorado Trail Fundraiser:

I would like to invite you to take a hike with us that will make a difference in people's lives for a very long time. Please read on.
I have had a personal goal for a long time to do a long backpacking hike but have never been able to make it work with everything else in life. So last year we decided this would be the year to do it and combine it with something valuable for many people. 

In part of July and August, Zack, our oldest, and I will hike The Colorado Trail. It is basically a 500-mile/806-kilometer trail from Denver to Durango, Colorado. It is said that mile for mile it is the prettiest hike in America. 

What are we combining it with and bringing awareness to? The Greater European Book Project. This is a life-giving project. The need for faith-building books is still as great as ever in this world.  I would like churches, businesses, and individuals to hike with us. Not physically because this isn’t the kind of hike a group takes.
Our goal - is to raise $250,000 for The Greater European Book Project. That comes out to $500/mile. How do we get to $500/mile? By everyone doing something. 

It would be great for churches to show their congregations this project and commit to $10/mile or $5000 total. Businesses and individuals please do whatever you are comfortable with. I know I will be grateful to you every mile.

Years ago this book project became a cause for us because we saw the need and the results of these books in people's lives. We translate and print  25 books (Faith Library Publications written by Kenneth E. Hagin and Kenneth W. Hagin), into 34 language zones in Europe.

These books can build faith in people and go where you and I might never go - into people's homes. It is a big project but when we agreed to do it years ago it was like agreeing to do the impossible and it touched God’s heart. We want these books to touch people's hearts.

We all know how books have changed our lives, let’s give others this gift also.

If you have any questions please let me know. You can email me directly at john@grunewald.org or our office at info@grunewald.org
Thank you,
John Grunewald
Grunewald Ministries
10026A S. Mingo Road #332
Tulsa, OK 74133


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