Egypt Bible School Graduation UPDATE

This update is from the RHEMA Bible Training College Director in Egypt, Rick Martin.

11 second-year and 10 first-year students completed their RHEMA Bible Training College course in Egypt.

Graduation was held in Heliopolis at the Christian life center. This was actually the location where I got the vision for my part in RHEMA Egypt. The owners were so impressed by Rhema that they refused to take any rent money from us even though we had agreed to pay for the use of it (favor).

We had 3 students that have been so faithful, that it has taken 10 years to graduate. All 3 started with the first class, but right after we began school, the Arab spring began. This hindered the number of classes we could teach in a year. So much so that we could sometimes only teach 3-4 classes in a year. But they persisted and here 10 years later they walked across the stage and began their journey into Gods plan for their life!

All 3 of them have been a testimony to me of FAITHFULNESS! 10 years to complete, but the level of commitment they have had has even caused me to go deeper in my commitment with the lord. 

One of our greatest needs is the development of Indigenous teachers. Well, this graduating class has produced 3 future instructors. They still have more training to do before they can instruct, but the fact that now Egypt will be reaching Egypt is a thing to rejoice about.
As this culture looks to foreigners to bring the gospel, these instructors will shatter the mold and prove that the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in the heart of Egyptians as well as foreigners! This will propel the Gospel at speeds not yet seen when they realize they are empowered, anointed, called, and equipped! 

Another thing to rejoice about is the fact that the Egyptian team completely planned and executed the graduation ceremony. In the past, working as a team was a foreign concept due to the nature of Middle Eastern culture. We have had many struggles in teaching concepts of team building and properly functioning as a team! But with all the joy in my heart, I saw them come together and work as a team to achieve this graduation! Even though there were some bumps and imperfections – they still worked as a team to achieve this.

Due to their success and seeing what is possible through teamwork, the sky is the limit now. During our after graduation debriefing, they came up with so many ideas, and when I said how will we accomplish them, they said “AS A TEAM!!!”

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