Greater Europe Book Project

About the Greater Europe Book Project

We are raising funds to publish 25 Word of Faith books in 34 language zones represented in Europe. This represents a total of 850 books. We are left with 400+ to finish this project. These are books that each student needs for Bible Schools, and they can go ahead of us into nations, going where we might never go - into homes.

These funds cover translation, artwork, editing, proofing, and printing 2000 copies per title. The cost averages out to about $10,000 per book for the first printing.


  • Translating books is a major portion of this project. We use skilled translators and then have a process of editing and proofing this work so that it is of excellent quality, meeting the highest standards of literature in each country.

Editing & Proofing

  • This part goes hand-in-hand with translation and is important in meeting the highest standard of quality for this project.


  • The project cost includes the initial printing of 2000 copies.

Donate to the Latvian portion of the Greater Europe Book Project:

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