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About the Greenland Exploration Trip

One of the things we have been focusing on the past few years is building teams. One of the benefits of this is that Michelle and I (John) don't have to do everything and be everywhere for progress to be made. This includes expanding into new nations. 

Mike and Kelley Betts are some of our team members that have a heart for the nation and the people of Greenland and are taking an exploratory, 30-day trip to "spy out the land". Expansion into a new nation can take many years and this is just the first step in the process. 

You can be a part of the Greenland Exploration by giving to this project or joining the Greenland Prayer Network. Find out more below!

Expanding your reach,

John Grunewald

Meet Mike & Kelley Betts

Meet Mike and Kelley Betts. They are part of the RHEMA Europe, Africa & Middle East team and have a heart to serve the people of Greenland. 

Greenland is one of the many nations RHEMA is looking to expand into. This November Mike and Kelley will be taking an exploratory trip into Greenland to connect with local pastors and to start looking into the visa process needed to move there.

You can help send them there!

3 ways you can be a part:
  • Invest in this trip: Mike and Kelley have 2661 miles to travel. Each mile costs $5.26(USD). Invest in a mile, invest in two or three (the total cost of this trip is $14k).
  • Invest in the future: toward moving expenses and launch expenses.
  • Join the Greenland Prayer NetworkMonthly prayer meetings for Greenland. 
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