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I believe God wants us to influence history.

I think we should dream big, and then go after these dreams. The privilege to dream big comes from our relationship with God, the creator of the heavens and the earth, not from our own greatness, intellect or just natural abilities.

If we dream of things we can do ourselves then we are dreaming to small. Our dreams must be inclusive and understand it will take many to make any dream come true.

God wants us to make disciples of all nations; this is no small task so there must be a plan.

Whenever we commit to do what seems impossible it touches the heart of God and He always has a way.

Vision can be lofty and ambiguous so planning must always accompany a vision. The Plan becomes the legs whereby the vision is fulfilled. God works in both the Vision and the Planning. Planning can be broken down further into Projects.

What follows is our Vision broken down into projects, measurable parts of the vision, separated for the purpose of including others based on desires and abilities, and evaluating the progress of the vision and financial accounting. But each project is connected to the others and only when all are complete will the vision truly be fulfilled.

What is Our Vision?

Taking the Gospel and the simple message of faith in God to every corner of the earth and then making disciples of every willing person.

Every vision should affect men, women and children. There must be the elements of becoming better fathers, mothers and children because of this new life in Christ. Without these our world doesn’t change for the better.

Thanks for your participation in which ever way you choose.

—John F. Grunewald

Ministry Overview

8b … I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. — Matthew 16:18b

BUILD Projects expand around the world today but the main effort has gone into the US and Europe. Europe has been called the new Dark Continent. Spiritually this sure seems to be true and we are confident that all the BUILD Projects will help turn this around in some manner.

By reaching men, women and children with the light of the gospel this dark continent can turn into a beacon of light that reaches out to the world.

The other two main geographic areas are Africa and the Middle East. Africa is in the beginning stages of all the same projects and the Middle East is in planning stage.

In 1993 the Grunewald's moved to Europe and a progression of learning culture, language, and ministry in Europe began.

In 1999 an official group of Training Centers became the center of what is now happening with expansion in the following areas and projects.

Today great teams of leaders work together all over Europe to bring this overall vision and the specific projects to pass.

According to European Missions Research Group there is only 1 Gospel Oriented Church for every 25,000 people in Europe. Only 4% are considered born again. These are some of the statistics that have fueled this work.

Partnering into any BUILD Project is an investment into societies that will have a ripple effect to every level of a community, the nations and a continent over time.

As you will read in each project area below the investments that have already been made have produced great fruit. Now the ground is even more prepared for additional seed that will produce an even greater harvest in each of these projects.

We have a saying; Save the Lost, Establish the Saved, Train the Established and Position the Trained.

Every project, every step has a harvest associated with it.

Level 1

1. General Operating Expenses

Project Goal – Increase general operating expenses.

Generally as any organization or family grows so must the operating budget. It’s simple really and even much of ministry cost money. The income in the US and Europe needs to be increased many fold to keep up with growth. Increasing operating income propels every project forward and therefore the overall vision. Increased income can greatly enhance leadership time allotment from primary fundraiser to spending time leading, strategizing, coaching etc.

Financial information available

2. Building for HQ in USA “Base Camp”

Why Base Camp?

Base Camp is an established place where the final assent will begin. The summit is in view. It means the plan is in place, most of the preparation has been completed, acclimation is well under way and when conditions are right the last upward legs of the journey are completed.

When climbing mountains, vision can partly be understood in distance, (miles, kilometers, meters, feet or altitude) but in life it often is measured in years and most likely decades. How far can we see? Usually farther than we think so we must have faith and patience.

Project Goal - To have 2 buildings. One in Tulsa, Oklahoma area for USA HQ and one in Bonn, Germany to use as our HQ for the work in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

Financial information available

3. Website – new every 2-3 years

Project Goal – New upgraded website

Project Term – Repeating every 2 – 3 years

Financial information available

Level 2

4. Buildings - Germany

Project Goal – Building in Bonn, Germany to use as our HQ for the work in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This building would also house a local Church and Training Center, as both are key to training of future leaders.

Project Term - Now!  But 1st step is building purchase, 2nd step is any remodeling and furnishing, 3rd step is annual upkeep etc.

To Date - We currently use a variety of office spaces in different locations and rent hourly for events from a local conference centers.  

Comments – The purchase of a building as soon as possible will help all of these other projects and normal business along.

Financial information available

5. Training Center Campus Expansion

Project Goal - 100 Campus locations throughout Europe

To Date - 28 Campus locations, remaining Campuses to establish - 72

Project Term - 25 years, re-evaluate 2025

Comments - Money is the biggest factor needed for this project. We have human resources trained or in training, physical resources are available.

Financial information available 

6. Church Planting

Project Goal - Minimum 10 new Church Plants/year and increasing as more churches are planted to help provide teams for each new plant. We help “Churches plant Churches” and train Pastors and leaders how to effectively go about a Church Plant.

Project Term - Never ending

To Date – 170 Church Plants 

Comments – Church Planting may be the single most important thing we do and the aim of all the other projects.  Bible Training Centers and Leadership Training support Church Planting. Churches planting Churches is normal reproduction. We have 5 levels of Church Planting Training to help Pastors prepare for this part of church life.

Financial information available

7. Leadership/Discipleship Training

Project Goal - 8 annual trainings (2 - 3 days each) in Europe for the next 3 years, then increase to 12/year for 3 years then to 20/year.

Project Term - never ending

To Date - Averaging 5 Trainings/year currently with additional Trainings outside of Europe

Comments – The importance of leadership, organizational and people skill cannot be under estimated. The need for good spiritual leaders is great and this training is part of filling this need.

Financial information available

8. Software Development/Support

Project Goal - Develop a software system to enable and maximize the Training Centers and Churches to function with all the facts necessary to make quality decisions and track students, donors and projects. 

Project Term – Finish Development - 2016, support - never ending.

To Date - Software development has been ongoing since 2010 and is in use while additional modules are being added and the program is being continually tweaked.  It is currently being used in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, China, Australia, Haiti, Mexico and growing.  Training Centers and Churches around the world would like to utilize the software and it has been given freely while in the development stages.  This has caused a lot of need for support. Since non-profits are using this software we don't see a big money market for it in the future. There is approximately $300,000 worth of development costs into this project already.

Financial information available

9. Greater European Book Project

Project Goal - 25 books translated into all 30-language zones in Europe. These books would be used in Training Centers, Churches and they would go where we may never be invited, into people’s homes.  These are faith-building books that we believe can help change a person, a family, a city, a nation and a continent in connection with all the other projects.

Project Term - End date of 2025 latest.

To Date - With a total of 750 Titles (25x30), 291 are complete. We work with a team all over Europe, have annual meetings and continue to look at new publication and distribution possibilities.

Comments -  The biggest obstacle in this project is money.  Book translation, publication etc. is a time consuming and sometimes tedious work but necessary to complete. This project was started over 25 years ago but wasn't really a project.  In 2010 we decided to spearhead this and turn it into a project so we would have the material for the Training Center Students as we expanded, Church congregations and the public.

Financial information available

Level 3

10. BUILD Project - DVD/online Training Classes (English)

Project Goal - Produce 26 – 6 hour classes for churches and individuals to use in learning the Basics of the Bible and Leadership/Discipleship Development.

Project Term - 5 years ending 2019

To Date - 2 of the 26 are completed. These will be done in English first and then work on additional languages

Comments – There is great demand for teaching in this format for small group studies. 

Financial information available

11. CBS German/English

Project Goal – Provide a means for any English or German speaking person the material for basic Bible, leadership and Discipleship Course.

Project Term – 5 – 7 years. After that all CBS students will or can be transitioned to the 1st Year curriculum of the online Bible school.

Comments – There is a great need for good Biblical and leadership instruction in other languages. This is a project that can be replicated in many other languages

Financial information available

12. iPad for every student

Project Goal - ipad for every student/instructor in our European Campuses.  Making a completely paperless training.

Project Term - ongoing as new students come in every year.

To Date - The vision and the software to tie this together. 

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