Bible Schools

Once someone is saved, they need to be taught so they can go into all the world. Bible schools are one of the most effective ways to accelerate a person's spiritual growth.

How do we launch a new campus?

  • Phase 1 (2+ years out): A new Campus launch in a new nation begins about 2 1/2 years out from the actual launch date. Lots of research, planning and cost estimates tailored to the specific location, regular travel in/out of a nation and prayer, preparing the official Campus Proposal for submission, and raising launch funds.

  • Phase 2 (12-18 months out): Campus coordinators/directors need to be in place and getting themselves and the work for the campus ready. Continuing to meet with church leaders, team building, translation of documents, any legal steps necessary, promotion and tweaking launch budget and monthly budget, travel in/out of the nation, and raising launch funds are all priorities.

  • Phase 3 (6-12 months out): Fine-tune all areas of preparation, equipment purchases, venue finalized, team building, and training. Promotion & information meetings stepped up, application acceptance, finalize teaching schedule, continued travel in/out of the nation and raising launch funds.

  • Phase 4 (3 months out to actual launch): Finalize larger equipment purchases, maximizing all marketing and promotion avenues, people (teams) in place, finalizing team responsibilities, accepting applications, and covering all future students in prayer, and if necessary, finalize launch funds. 

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