September Update 2023

Building the Church This summer we have been busy traveling around the United States! We have been ministering in churches in Missouri and Oklahoma. Teaching at RMAI (Rhema Ministerial Association International) retreats in Minnesota and Oklahoma. We were a part of a Global Ministry gathering of over 25 ministries. We attended Rhema’s annual Campmeeting, where a lot of our teams attend or watch online from around the world! We attended a prayer summit in Colorado, and met with some individuals and National, Regional and Continental Teams via Zoom! We were aware this summer, as...

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August Update 2023

30 years since we moved to Germany! Last month we reached a milestone. It was 30 years since we moved to Germany. We stand in awe and wonder at all God has done in these 30 years… from our hearts being set on Germany, to Europe, and now all of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Thank you for your part in all of this. We work with amazing leaders whom have helped plant and facilitate 66 bible schools in 24 nations, with 9000+ current students and 12800+ graduates. Our focus is and always has been on bible schools, church planting training, leadership training and book translations and I...

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July Update 2023

Precious time in the Congo! During June we were in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Poland and France teaching students, ministering in churches and speaking at a graduation. The bible school classes are usually larger in Africa than Europe. Congo has more than 300 students. It doesn’t matter the size of the class since all students are hungry for more every where we go. Watch below for a quick hello from us while we were there. It was great to be with the teams in each nation and see the fruit being produced. Students are growing in Christ, teams are being trained and individuals...

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June Update 2023

Graduations! We want to congratulate the graduates of RHEMA Austria. These students were diligent for 4 years to finish their bible school course and in May, they became alumni! Nantes, France,  & Nigeria have their graduations coming up this month, and Germany later this year. There are over 12,700 graduates in Europe, Africa & the Middle East so far, and 8600+ current students. The growth is so exciting and things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. We work with amazing teams all over. Thank you for being a part of this! We’re heading to the Congo! We are heading...

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May Update 2023

Fruitful Meetings in Africa! At the end of April, Michelle and our team member Amelia headed to Nigeria to attend and help facilitate the RHEMA Africa Continental Directors Meetings. These meetings brought together 6 nations of teams and focused on strategizing for the growth of Africa, prayer, fellowship, and cross-training so that each nation can learn from one another. Greater European Book Project Updates Recently we have had several GEBP books completed. This is a long and expensive process of translating, proofing and printing, so there is cause for much celebration with...

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April 2023 Update

Some highlights this year so far: The first couple of months of the year were plenty busy for us, as it included travel overseas and meetings with a large group of the leaders we work with. Below are some other highlights we’re excited about. 2 new campus approvals! In February, RBTC Beirut, Lebanon was approved. Though there is still a lot of work to be done before the school opens, we are celebrating with our teams in this region as this is a huge step for the Middle East. In March, RHEMA Nigeria’s 9th campus approval came through. Nigeria currently has 2000+ graduates and 6000+...

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March 2023 Update

As we quickly move further into 2023, we have great expectations for this year. We are planning on being in at least 8 countries this year, doing what we have always done: training leaders for Bible schools and churches, working with our teams, making new contacts for new schools, and working on translating books. It will be a busy year, but the fruit will be lives changed and souls brought into the kingdom. Turkey, Syria & The Greater European Book Project The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have been beyond devastating and, when it is said and done, many people will have lost...

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Grunewald Ministries 2022 Missions Report

The following is an overview of Grunewald Ministries 2022 Missions activities and a brief look forward: Summary of our current ministry activities: How we divide our Time We divide our time with Bible Schools, Church Planting Training, Book Translation and Leadership and Team Development.  Guesstimates on % each:  Bible Schools 60%Leadership and Team Development (Mostly for Bible Schools in Europe, Africa and Middle East) 25%Church Planting Training 10%Book Translation 5% This means approximately 85% of our time is directly involved in Bible School with students...

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December 2022 Update

For most of November, we were in Europe, visiting our teams in Latvia, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands. It is an amazing thing to see the fruit of so many years of sowing into these nations. Thank you for partnering with us to extend your reach into Europe, Africa & the Middle East! Below is a quick update. Poland & Latvia As you may know by now, the RHEMA Bible Training College in both Poland & Latvia officially launched this September. We were able to go see the school in person and teach a few classes. These students were hungry for the Word. When we were in Poland,...

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Consecration, Partnership, and Impact: The Amazing Story of William Tyndale

He was born two years after Columbus sailed west and discovered the Americas. His martyrdom preceded Martin Luther’s death by ten years. His contribution to the church was of incalculable worth. Still, not as many people are as familiar with William Tyndale (1494-1536) as they are with Luther. Tyndale’s great passion was to put the New Testament into the language of the English-speaking people. Consecration The New Testament was not known by the common people, and many priests and religious leaders had little to no knowledge of Scripture. What was known was church dogma,...

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