Author: Mark Lucks

The Power of Listening to a Good Story

There is a small yet plentiful mountain grocery store near where I live. Think “tiny, tiny, tiny Whole Foods”. As I entered on a recent evening there was a local mountain guy at the checkout counter telling a grand story. The checkout lady was smiling and listening and engaged. She is always like that, and that is one reason I like to shop there. As I shopped I could hear his story, and for the next seven to ten minutes the man was still talking as customers went through the checkout.  Finally he finishes his story and ends by saying, “Well, I just wanted to tell someone.” He was...

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Pray Your Promise

“I need Prayer…” How often has someone told us their story? Usually we attach a story to something we need or are going through or are about to go through… “our story”, “their story”, “my friend’s story”… and in these private, even urgent expressions of life there comes a promise from the listener. The Promise – “I will Pray for You“ We make that promise to pray. We all do it – some always do it and some are careful with this promise. Sadly, very few seem to take the promise with any relevance of...

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