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About Us

Extend your influence through a trusted partner, taking the gospel to those you may never meet

Our Story

Michelle Morris and John Grunewald, both devout Christians, had separate encounters with faith before eventually meeting and marrying in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center. They had a son, Zack, and later moved to Terre Haute, Indiana, to pastor a church. Despite success in their ministry, they felt called to further the Gospel in Europe.

In 1993, they relocated to Heidelberg, Germany, to start a Bible school. Their journey was marked by small miracles, such as packing their belongings into a shipping container with only two hours’ notice. Despite initial challenges, they settled into life in Heidelberg, which was home to many Americans due to the military presence.

The Grunewald family expanded with the birth of their son Spencer in 1996 and daughter Gabi in 1998. Soon after Gabi’s birth, they seized an opportunity to move to Bonn, where they established Rhema Bible Training Center and Church. This move positioned them strategically in an international city to fulfill their mission.

Since founding the school and church in Bonn in 1999, the Grunewalds have witnessed remarkable growth in their ministry, spreading across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as they work towards fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our Life

Michelle Morris and John Grunewald moved to Germany in 1993, feeling at home in both the US and Europe, though they acknowledge the differences between the two. Their son Zack has experienced life in both countries, attending university in the US. Spencer and Gabi grew up in Europe but regularly visited the US, giving them a sunny impression of American life.

Spencer attended Rhema Australia and married an Australian – Sarah, while Gabi graduated from Rhema USA and married Chris, living in Texas. Michelle and John transitioned church leadership to Pastor Alex Harten in 2012 and moved to London in 2017 to oversee Rhema’s operations in Europe, Africa, and, the Middle East.

Their ability to fulfill their mission is attributed to their dedicated team, whose strength has allowed them to balance international travel with local responsibilities, ensuring the flourishing of the church and bible schools.

Our Future

The current period is characterized by acceleration and significant developments emerging from longstanding friendships and strategic partnerships. It’s a time to continue what has been done before but with the potential to reach greater heights than ever before.

Drawing parallels to the Book of Acts, where many lives were reached and the power of God was seen, this period represents a continuation of that trajectory. It’s a time of preparation for leaders in the local church, with the aim of multiplying the impact of teaching and training efforts exponentially.

The vision extends to establishing numerous Bible school locations across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with the ultimate goal of planting more local churches. This necessitates a focus on coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring future leaders for both church and marketplace roles.

The true effectiveness of the church lies in the collective efforts of its members, each empowered to effect meaningful change. Through individual transformation, the vision is to create a world that surpasses any previous prediction of possibility.