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For all of you who just want the highlights - This is for you!  If you want all the details, please read all the posts here!

The Grunewalds: John & Michelle     3 Kids      Zack, Spencer, Gabi

1980 Married
1989-1993 Pastored in Terre Haute, IN
1993 Moved to Heidelberg, Germany and started a Bible School.
1999 Moved to Bonn, Germany and started Rhema Bible Church and Rhema Training Center, Bonn
2017 Moved to London, England opening offices for Rhema Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
Today International Director for Rhema Europe, Africa, Middle East
As of Jan 2018, 37 Campuses in Europe in 12 Nations - 20 Campuses in Africa in 6 Nations - Campuses starting soon in the Middle East.

Grunewald Ministries
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Tulsa, OK 74133


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