There is never just one thing. But if there was one thing to work towards, it would be delegation. The business world knows this well. Walmart would be a mom-and-pop store if they didn’t train leaders and delegate. It’s a key to growth and replication.

In Exodus 18 Moses’ father-in-law Jethro came to visit. After observing him work, Jethro told Moses that the way he was doing things was not good. Why? Moses was doing it alone without delegating to qualified individuals. There were 2 million-plus people and everyone with problems was only coming to Moses. How would you like to be standing in line and your number be 267,387? Kind of discouraging. The answer was delegation. This was — and still is — a great lesson. The end result was everyone was happy.

Then in Acts 6 we see something similar, though on a smaller scale. Widows were not being taken care of as they should have been and there were some complaints. It didn’t make sense for the Apostles to stop what they were doing (Word and Prayer) to serve the tables of the widows. They gathered all the believers together and had them select 7 men with 3 particular qualifications (good reputation, full of the Spirit and wisdom). When these 7 men were brought before the Apostles, they placed their hands on them as recognition and for possible impartation. They delegated the task of taking care of the widows to these men and verse 5 said everyone loved the idea. That is one of the great miracles of the Church Age. 🙂 The result was the church grew, more people became disciples, and the Word of God spread.

Delegation is a key to growth but only a part. In many of our organizations, the problems we have aren’t spiritual but structural. That means “just praying more” will not solve all the problems; it might take some reorganizing with delegation. How much organization do we need? As little as possible but as much as necessary.

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