December 2022 Update

For most of November, we were in Europe, visiting our teams in Latvia, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands. It is an amazing thing to see the fruit of so many years of sowing into these nations. Thank you for partnering with us to extend your reach into Europe, Africa & the Middle East! Below is a quick update.

Poland & Latvia

As you may know by now, the RHEMA Bible Training College in both Poland & Latvia officially launched this September. We were able to go see the school in person and teach a few classes. These students were hungry for the Word. When we were in Poland, Michelle and I each did a 12 hour class from Thursday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. Very often after a schedule like this you are really glad you are done. They absorbed absolutely everything and made 2 x 12 hours of teaching feel like 1 session. It was refreshing.

We didn’t think we could duplicate the weekend in Latvia like it was in Poland. But, it was exactly like Poland. Same schedule and we so enjoyed teaching to such hungry students. Translation in both places was amazing and the students were thankful.


In Germany we saw friends and spent a little time in the office with the team. We had a long lunch in the conference room and enjoyed catching up in person. Great team and fun to be around.


From Germany, we drove to the Netherlands. There we spent sometime with David who is the RHEMA leader there, and did a seminar for The Church Building System. We did just four sessions and I spoke about 4 Important Lessons I started to learned early on that I was able to put into practice right away in my life and with our teams. These were:

  1. How to design and Organizational Chart
  2. How to run a team meeting
  3. Delegation
  4. Learning to ask more (and better) questions

When Jesus said in Matthew 16:18, I will Build my Church… I am sure he had a supernatural church in mind. We should too. But as Jesus was a Master at more than teaching so should we be.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 3:10, “according to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder…” Supernatural and skilled is a great combination. If we are going to further building of the church, we must produce more and better teams and more and better leaders. The Church Building System is a scriptural system that will help any leader or team in the church or outside. You can find more on this at

So much is happening around the world and you are making it happen. We are thankful we can Extend Your Reach into all the world.

John, Michelle and the Grunewald Ministries Team

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