February 2022 Update

Inside the verse in Matthew 16:18 where Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”, is the Purpose and Plan for every person on earth. Amazing isn’t it? It is His direction for the past 2000 years. It is the reason we are on the earth. 

Generally speaking, we all build the church and then each of us has a specific assignment and supply inside of this. What is beautiful is how these specific assignments crossover or overlap with other people’s specific assignments. It is where a partnership is found and formed to do even greater things.

This is what has happened between us. We can certainly see results from almost 30 years of missions work but only heaven will tell what this partnership has done to transform lives all over the world.

We love partnerships and have been partners in many ways through the years. So many people know things we don’t, have skills we don’t, or have time we don’t have. When we form a partnership for a short or long period of time we can accomplish more and in the process learn more. 

Years ago when we wanted to start having more of an emphasis on Church Planting, we also didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. So we looked around, went to some conferences, and found a very good fit for us. Take a look sometime at www.dcpi.org. This partnership helped us in our approach to planting and also opened doors to many relationships in other denominations. We have shared training sessions with many other church groups. Plus, we found out that this training was a great avenue into new places and nations. 

These past 2 years were difficult to plant churches in most parts of the world. We have still done training online to prepare for when we can help more churches be planted. There are always ways to prepare.

We also have done more preparation for training leaders and teams. Besides bible school which is a GREAT place to grow, we also have developed www.thechurchbuildingsystem.com.

Every organization needs more leaders to grow. Often we hit a ceiling in our growth, and we should be asking ourselves why this is. What can we do to change this? Over the years we have found some answers, and we are helping leaders grow more leaders, build teams, and expand their organizations. Why? So everyone can reach more people and build the church.

2022 is another exciting year in strange times to keep focused on what God wants us all to do. We will continue to teach and train students, church planters, leaders and future leaders, and translate and print books. The privilege to share God’s Word around the world together is humbling and amazing. God’s grace to do it is empowering.

We believe this partnership will continue to produce fruit in everyone everywhere and that God’s blessing this year will surpass any previous year. We want to keep this partnership strong and see 2022 be the best year of your life – so far!

You are loved and appreciated.

John, Michelle, and the Grunewald Ministries Team

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