“I’m following the leader, 
The leader, 
The leader, 
I’m following the leader, 
Wherever He goes.”
— Peter Pan

Have you ever found yourself in a situation and thought to yourself — “I followed the wrong leader”…? Maybe you chose the wrong lane, followed the wrong car, or maybe more seriously; you followed the wrong friends or the wrong boss.
We all have leaders in our lives for different things. Some we unconsciously chose, some are chosen for us, and some we have chosen to follow. 

Who are you following today?

Two years ago I was climbing up Mt. Sherman, a 14,000 FT mountain in Colorado with some friends and family. We’d gotten up at 3 am, put on our packs and at this point were about half way up the mountain. Every mountain is different, and though I haven’t climbed many 14’ers, the ones I have climbed have all been very unique. Sherman was unique in how much loose rock there was—which makes a trail very hard to follow. 

We were about half way up when the thought came to my mind, “I followed the wrong leader.” We had just passed a very long stretch of trail with cliffs on both sides, our eyes glued to the trail and rocks to make sure we didn’t miss a step. Keeping my eyes on the rocks, and every once in a while glancing to the one in front of me, I found myself off the trail and on the side of the mountain. 

The girl I was following course corrected and had to climb up the rocks hand over foot to get back to the trail. I turned to see if I could backtrack— nope. I quickly told the two behind me to veer left and follow that trial, not the one I was on. Then I put away my poles and climbed up the rock to the other side. I was a little too close to the edge that day for comfort. 

This story took place in what was just a few minutes, but it still could have changed my life. Had the girl in front of me not realized her mistake, and had I not looked up to see where my leader was, the situation could have been a lot harder to correct. 

So I ask again, who are you following today?

John 8:12
“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

It’s never too late to course correct with God. Deciding in whatever season you’re in or path you’re on, to follow Him, will always result in success. You’ll always reach the peak and you’ll always return home safely. 

Gabrielle Delay