Wow! That was fast! 2021 I mean.

You have changed lives with your gifts!

So many people in so many places don’t have the availability of the Word of God like you and I might have with books, a local church, or a Bible School. All year, you helped to expand God’s Word to people you don’t even know and will never see. How do we do this together?

Part of the Strategy

When we go into a new nation with the idea of planting a new Bible School Campus, to start Church Planting Training, or translating books, we are looking for people who have a vision for their entire nation. We are not a local church bible school (although we work with the local church, build the local church and support the local church). But when it comes to people who will lead in this nation we have found that this person has to have a vision for reaching their nation or the work can stagnate fairly quickly.

We still believe we can change nations but it always starts with individuals – and then a team. Building the Church = Building People. Jesus certainly modeled this with His assignment on earth.

Part of the Approach

After Jesus said “I will Build my Church…” in Matthew 16, we find out the first steps in HOW to do that. It is two-fold with Evangelism (Mark 16) and Discipleship (Matthew 28). Building the Church from the outside requires getting people the good news, and they accept Christ and come into the family of God. Building the Church from the inside requires the process of Discipleship. This is partly shown to us in Ephesians 4:11-16. The end result of Discipleship is each member of the body giving their supply to the body of Christ and the world. Through this, we all are strengthened and grow.

Part of the Results

The world is getting darker and we bring light. Your gift changes a life that changes a life that changes a life. A seed that keeps on producing. 

When I was growing up in Wisconsin we had 70 full grown trees in our yard and many were Oak Trees. In our back yard in Bonn, Germany we had this Oak tree that  wasn’t even as big as some that we had grown up with. That tree produced more acorns than any tree I have ever seen. You couldn’t park a car near it when the acorns started falling. When we would clean up wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load, I would sometimes think, “This all started with one acorn”. Your gift/seed is doing the same thing! Think about that.

We believe together we are growing into this kind of Oak Tree and the return on your investment just keeps getting better.

There are more nations and more people that desperately need the good news. The world today demonstrates the absolute necessity that we continue to bring the Word of God in every form to the nations.

We always go into a nation to reach the nationals who can take this message further into their society than we can. Sometimes it takes us years to build the right team but it is always worth the time.

Continued partnership giving = reaching more people with the life-changing Word of God and they go and reach more people. 

You have helped us do this and you have changed lives!

John and Michelle and the Grunewald Ministries Team

As a PS, I want to add this…

2 Corinthians 9 – God loves a cheerful giver .. not grudgingly or of necessity … God loves a cheerful giver, one who delights in giving … this is the kind of giver God likes and we like. It’s not seeing or focusing on the money leaving our hand but the results coming from it. It’s much like looking at a seed and realizing that although I see one seed in front of me – inside there are thousands of acorns as it keeps reproducing. If we look at our gift of $100 and think, “What will this really do?” What it does is help train someone or get someone saved and that person does the same. It is seed multiplying or reproducing many times! Our desire has always been to be the kind of ground that when a seed is planted it will grow and produce and give and keep on giving. Money becomes a servant that goes where you cannot. It’s Awesome! We love and appreciate you.