Building the Church

This summer we have been busy traveling around the United States! We have been ministering in churches in Missouri and Oklahoma. Teaching at RMAI (Rhema Ministerial Association International) retreats in Minnesota and Oklahoma. We were a part of a Global Ministry gathering of over 25 ministries. We attended Rhema’s annual Campmeeting, where a lot of our teams attend or watch online from around the world!

We attended a prayer summit in Colorado, and met with some individuals and National, Regional and Continental Teams via Zoom!

We were aware this summer, as we always are, that we could not do any of this without you!

Along with wonderful ministry times this summer, we also got to enjoy some time with our family. John, Zack and Chris Hope also backpacked in Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

Coming up in October and November

We have LEAD23 in North Carolina with Pastors JB + Susan Whitfield. This is a practical and powerful group of meetings surrounding how to lead well in our teams and churches!

After that, John will be going to Germany, Latvia, Poland and Israel. He will be ministering in the bible schools and building up the teams throughout Europe. We appreciate your prayers for no complications while traveling and that every team in every region gets imparted to and empowered to continue the good work!

Extending Your Reach,

John, Michelle and the Grunewald Ministries Team