When life is not so good… we can help!

There is the short saying, “Life is Good”. We all like it when life is good for us and we should be thankful. At the same time, we can never forget that others in this world are not experiencing the good life.

Every February for the last 6 years or so has been packed with conferences, teaching, Winter Bible Seminar at Rhema USA and then the International Directors Meetings. The last couple of years this has extended into March. This year we added on some video podcasts and teaching sessions David Scholing and I did for The Church Building System. These videos are in the editing stage now and will be up on the website in the near future. We spent time on How to Start a Team, How to Build a Team, How to Lead a Team and a few more subjects.

Source: Thomas Lohnke, RHEMA Germany graduate

As believers we know to be Thankful IN all things. It is part of living the life of faith, knowing God is working even when we cannot see it. 2 Corinthians 2:14

But for all the people who don’t know this, life can be especially hard when bad circumstances come their way.

As great a month as we had with conferences, teaching in Bible School, and doing Leadership and Team videos there are always people in the world suffering and at war. These End Times we are living in will see more and more of this. Hopefully, we will be in positions to help naturally and also to get the gospel to many.

Right now in Ukraine, we all know there is war. Bordering countries and taking in massive amounts of refugees. In Poland, it is about 100,000 per day with over 2 million Ukrainians in so far. Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary are being flooded too. Men under 60 are not allowed to leave Ukraine for obvious reasons but older people, women, and children (including many orphans) are fleeing.

Source: Thomas Lohnke, RHEMA Germany graduate

Through the years we have built trusted relationships in these nations and have graduates, so when money goes in we know it is being handled correctly and getting to the people who need help. Houses are filling up, schools, churches, and sports halls are all being used in the border nations. It is a time of sacrifice for everyone in these nations. These past few weeks some have rented houses so they can put people up.

Some refugees are transitioning through nations and continuing on to relatives in other nations. Some have nowhere else to go and a mother with children has no way to make money. In Poland, it will take about 850€/month to take care of a mother with a few children. That is around $1000. Churches and individuals are using their own vehicles to go to the border to pick people up. They are taking blankets and diapers and food to help immediately.

Source: Thomas Lohnke, RHEMA Germany graduate

We have already sent money to Slovakia and to Poland. In Slovakia, so many homes and churches were full that Mark and Valerie Zechin (long-time Slovakia Missionaries) were able to rent a small hotel. It provides rooms for 70 people and it is right at the border. They have rented this for $7300/month and it is a place of transition for those going on further to relatives etc in other nations.

There is more news and changes every day but the one thing that doesn’t change is people needing help.

If you would like to donate toward this in any way, please go to grunewald.org/give

Thank you.

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