March 2023 Update

As we quickly move further into 2023, we have great expectations for this year. We are planning on being in at least 8 countries this year, doing what we have always done: training leaders for Bible schools and churches, working with our teams, making new contacts for new schools, and working on translating books. It will be a busy year, but the fruit will be lives changed and souls brought into the kingdom.

Turkey, Syria & The Greater European Book Project

The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have been beyond devastating and, when it is said and done, many people will have lost their lives. It is estimated that in that part of the world, 99% of all who died did not know Christ as their savior. The biggest disaster is spiritual. People on our teams are all safe but slept in cars and buildings without heat in freezing weather. Aid started arriving about 2 weeks ago. What could we do to help make sure more people have the opportunity to receive Christ before more of these disasters happen? We cannot do everything, but we can do more together. The Greater European Book Project was designed to go into nations that we will go into and ones we cannot go into. We need to flood these nations with more books that can help them come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and learn how to stand strong no matter what is shaking around them.

The Strange World We Are Living In Today

With all the weirdness in the world today, we really do get to be a part of the greatest thing on earth because Heaven is behind it. Life is better with purpose because purpose gives us aim and energy. Alternatively, we could say having an assignment gives us aim and energy. One of the great things about missionary work is that many people can be a part of it and all reap the same kind of rewards. Purpose, assignments, aim, and energy are all great things to reap in this life.

Travel 2023, Family Updates & 2022 Missions Report

During January, John was in Germany working with the team on future planning and team activities for this year. It all went well, and we will be back in Germany a number of times this year, along with all the other nations we plan to visit.

We are also enjoying being able to see our two granddaughters some. Plus, we have a grandson due in late March, which we are excited about!

If you would like to read through Grunewald Ministries’ 2022 Missions Report, you can find it here.You have probably read in our news in previous months and years that partnering together extends our reach. It does for you and for us. Why not join us so we can accomplish more together?

Extending Your Reach,

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