These books have changed lives!

The Bible will always be our number one book but there are so many more that in one way or another amplified some teaching from the Bible.

Through the years we probably all find definition to Vision, Mission and Strategies. We believe we are to take the message of Faith in God to the nations and most of the time we focus on Europe, Africa and the Middle East geographically.

What we do to spread this message of Faith in God is we Plant Bible Schools, Train Church Planters, Train Leaders and Print books. In different seasons we may focus more on one of these areas than another. When I say “Focus”, that doesn’t mean one thing gets ALL the attention but more than other areas might for a time. We are always working on these 4 areas in this particular geographic zone.

It took some years for us to develop and our leaders and teams to develop so we could put attention into these areas on such a large scale. I would have to say we love what we do and how purposeful we have been able to be.

Books, both printed and digital help to fulfill the greatest commission of all – Building the Church. Books can evangelize and disciple. Plus, they get passed on to others so they help more than one person.

What needs attention now?

With the condition of the world now and these past few years one of these 4 areas has been especially important – Books. Why? Because when the world was shut down and people couldn’t travel, books still could and did. When war is going on and humanitarian aid is going in, books go in too or the books were already in and helping people.

The Greater European Book Project (GEBP) is 25 Faith Library Publication books being translated and printed into 34 language zones in Europe. How important is it to get books like these into people’s hands right now? What if enough people had this message and could stop or turn a war? How much better off would a nation be? You can absolutely help make this happen!

In the Ukraine there are Bible School graduates all over but some are right near to the President. These graduates are full of God’s Word from the Bible, Bible school and books. They know how to pray and give encouragement and counsel. There are other nations with graduates in key places too.

Which languages are left?

Some of the main languages left in this project are Central and Eastern Europe and parts of the Nordic Region. How important is it that all of these nations get these books as soon as possible?

Good books change lives for the good. Here is a link to something I wrote recently on how one of these books helped to change my life many years ago.

The Hike and the Books.

You may have seen on social media that our oldest son, Zack and I are hiking The Colorado Trail in part of July and August. This is certainly a long-time personal desire to do a long-distance backpacking trip in the mountains. I wanted people to be able to take this hike with us or follow this 500-mile journey with us and thought it would be a great way to bring awareness and funds to the GEBP.

When I say “hike with us” I don’t really mean physically hike with us. This isn’t the type of hike you do as a group because it is too long. But a way to see where we are and how the GEBP is being affected. I will give more information about how to “hike along” earlier in July.

If good books have helped you spiritually, mentally, and physically …. please be a part of changing others’ lives through good books. Our goal is $250,000.

Ultimately, well-read and faith-filled people are more likely to contribute to a socially healthy and prosperous society.

We are called to Build the Church and these books are a great way to Build. Building the Church is Building People. Is there any reason that you couldn’t help us Build?

It is easy to do right here.

Donate & change lives through books. It’s a way to extend your reach and activates the laws of sowing and reaping.

If you believe God wants you to sow a bigger gift than you normally would, we know this is a higher investment for you and therefore will bring a higher return from God. We have had so many personal testimonies ourselves or from people who have sown in obedience to God and been blessed.

Thanks for joining us on The Colorado Trail and Greater European Book Project!

John, Michelle & the Grunewald Ministries team

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